Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Love My Webkinz

Yesterday, when I awoke from my after school nap, being in the 1st grade takes a lot out of a girl, I was surprised to find right in front of my face a new Webkinz. My favorite, favorite Aunt Ninnie surprised me with the "Bullfrog". I named him Bully. Now I have 5 webkinz. Aunt Ninnie bought me 4. But Aunt DeAnn bought me my very first webkinz. I can't say I have a favorite because, I love them all. I love playing webkinz. Good thing we have 2 computers at my house or else I would have to wait a very long time to play, since my older sister and younger brother have webkinz
I love my Chihuahua, White Terrier, Pink Poodle, Elephant and Bullfrog!!! Which one should I get next time?

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